Strategy Development Case Studies

Heart of the South West Strategic Economic Plan

In 2013/14 Emma worked as part of a small team within the Heart of the SW LEP to develop the Strategic Economic Plan for submission to Government.  Emma project managed the process, developed the document structure and co-ordinated inputs from across the LEP area.  Emma facilitated discussions across the LEP’s various leadership and special interest groups to inform the content of the plan.

The Strategic Economic Plan provided the framework for a bid to Government for the 15/16 Growth Deal.  This bid secured £130.3m of central Government investment (Local Growth Fund) into the Heart of the SW LEP area, as well as wider commitments from Government departments to work in new ways. Independent analysis of all 39 Growth Deals, conducted by Regeneris Ltd, shows that the deal achieved by the Heart of the SW is ranked 9th out of 39. Emma played an instrumental role in preparing the bid to Government.


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