Evaluation and Impact Assessment


Evaluation of the Discovering Skills for Business (ESF)

Working with Southern Horizons (UK) Ltd, Buckman Associates Ltd completed an evaluation of the ESF Developing Skills for Business project, managed by The Cornwall College Group (TCCG) on behalf of a consortium of sector-based delivery leads.

DS4B aimed to provide a strategic approach to developing employer-led skills with businesses and, in focusing on businesses rather than individuals, was one of the first projects of its kind within the C&IoS allocation of ESIF Priority Axis 2. The purpose of the evaluation was deliver insights into the project’s design and delivery; performance against targets; and, outcomes and impacts.

The assignment was delivered in three stages.

  • Stage 1 – the initial formative evaluation – we designed an evaluation plan and data collection methods
  • Stage 2 – the interim evaluation – involved a ‘light touch’ assessment to support continuous improvement for the project team, focusing primarily on the project’s early performance and lessons from delivery
  • Stage 3 – the summative assessment – provided a full evaluation of all activity with a more substantial focus on outcomes and impacts as well as lessons learned

Evaluation and Impact Assessment Case Studies

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