Evaluation and Impact Assessment


Summative Assessment of Superfast Business Cornwall

In partnership with Southern Horizons (UK) Ltd, Buckman Associates Ltd completed an independent Summative Assessment of the Superfast Business Cornwall Project delivered by SERCO. This involved:

  • Working with the client to develop a monitoring and evaluation framework to ensure the project monitoring systems captured useful data from the start
  • Conducting an interim evaluation to provide recommendations for continuous improvement
  • Conducting a final summative assessment covering all aspects of the ERDF summative assessment requirements including an assessment of:
    • The project context, including rationale for intervention and market failure
    • The project progress against milestones, outputs and financial performance
    • Project delivery and management including governance arrangements, project management and customer satisfaction
    • The project outcomes and impact, including calculation of gross and net jobs and GVA as well as strategic added value
    • The project value for money, including benchmarking and return on investment

The report concluded with lessons learned for policy makers and those designing and implementing similar interventions.

Evaluation and Impact Assessment Case Studies

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