Research and Analysis Case Studies

South West Rural Productivity Commission

The South West Rural Productivity Commission was established by four LEPs in the South West to explore and understand how the economy in rural areas of the South West was performing and identify opportunities to stimulate rural growth.  Buckman Associates provided the secretariat role for this commission, supporting a team of ‘commissioners’ by sifting through evidence, arranging hearings, analysing findings and drafting the report.

The commission opened with a call for evidence, which was promoted by all four LEPs over a three month period and received 67 responses and over 200 items of evidence. This was supported by five panel sessions, where commissioners heard over 40 hours of testimony from a broad range of witnesses.

Buckman Associates Ltd reviewed all the responses, items of evidence and testimony received to distil key messages and findings, producing a summary of evidence and key findings report.

The report received a positive response from national and regional stakeholders, and was mentioned in the Government’s Industrial Strategy as good example of collaboration to address shared challenges.


Research and Analysis Case Studies

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