Research and Analysis

Robust, evidence based research and analysis is a core part of our offer to clients and underpins all our services. Our research services provide you with the intelligence and insight to target projects and programmes accurately and shape policies with a clear understanding of the issues. 

Our bespoke research projects utilise a range of research techniques and tools which include:

  • Primary research – capturing information directly from a target group. We can offer on-line surveys, telephone interviews as well as focus groups and workshops (including on-line)
  • Secondary research – reviewing and interpreting existing data sources and reports to draw out what is already known about a particular issue
  • Quantitative analysis – focusing on the numeric data and evidence from both primary and secondary sources
  • Qualitative analysis – exploratory research focusing on views, opinions and perceptions. It is often used to add depth to quantitative analysis

We do not produce ‘off the shelf’ reports and all of our studies are designed with your objectives at their core.  Most combine a number of the above techniques and our outputs can be presented in a number of ways including through written reports, presentations and workshops.



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