“Buckman Associates supported Swindon Borough Council and the wider Honda Response Steering Committee to deliver an impartial evaluation of the large body of work undertaken by a multitude of supporting agencies under the banner of the Steering Committee between 2019 and 2022 to mitigate the impact of Honda’s disinvestment. Buckman Associates worked closely with stakeholders to understand and evaluate their input into the process alongside contextualising the environment in which this work was undertaken.

From a Swindon Borough Council perspective having Buckman Associates on board was crucial to delivering such an economically important document for the region at the end of a large-scale project. Their ability to quickly win trust with stakeholders whilst understanding the commercial sensitivity of such a complex multi-stage programme meant that the compiling of the document, was for SBC, in safe hands. In particular the ability to gather, analyse and evaluate large quantities of often anecdotal information into a format which made clear and logical sense made Buckman Associates input and steer into the process much valued and appreciated”.